The company's history

In 1989, we started the first production in Poland, in Karczew near Warsaw, the first 50 STRADA beds were made, a solid frame on wheels with a raised headrest and footrest made of powder-coated metal and alder wood for small studio apartments. Then we started the production of Oko Leben Eco Life "metal-free products connected with dowels furniture dowels" mainly from full Beech, Ash and Oak wood in Podhale and in Wadowice and around Sandomierz. Many models such as TANGRAM, CLASSIC, TOPPOLINO, NATURA were awarded for Design on Western European markets in the 1990s. Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience in the production, processing, painting of wood and the distribution of products. These were great years of expansion on the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the late 1990s, I decided to invest in my own woodworking machinery and became a manufacturer.

Many prototypes of beds and furniture were created, and although not all of them were successful and implemented for further production and I lost a lot  this was a great lesson and creative inspiration for the further development of the Company. We also had an adventure with China where in the years 2009-2014 we started fruitful cooperation and the absorptive market in Europe allowed us to sell a lot. It was not cheap Chinese, but products manufactured in modern factories according to our designs and quality guidelines. I can confidently say that we could also learn many good design solutions from the Chinese. Currently, we manufacture 90% of our products ourselves in Poland, and we import a small amount from Estonia, where we cooperate with the Kamjo factory, which produces exclusive beds for markets around the world. We have also made complex prototypes for the factory in Estonia many times, which were implemented for mass production.

 Many years of experience in the industry and many contacts allow us to take on ever greater challenges in order to meet the constantly growing market requirements. Many people appreciate craftsmanship, manual work, individual workmanship because they want to have high-quality, beautiful, functional products that will serve them for many years. We provide a 10-year Structural Guarantee for our products, even the MDF board is reinforced with solid beech wood, and SISO fittings guarantee stable connections of our furniture.

Over the years, our beds decorate bedrooms in many European countries as well as in the USA and Canada, and now we have many people returning from emigration who come back to Poland and order individual bed frames that match their mattresses, often in American sizes. We invite Interior Designers, companies and people from the construction industry to cooperate on attractive terms. For individual customers, we are also flexible and it is possible to negotiate prices as well as short-term financing of part of the receivables if necessary. We are open to challenges, we are waiting for your Individual Projects and proposals and together we will fulfill your Dreams about your dream bedroom.