Counterfeit upholstered beds in our designs have appeared on the web, so we warn against buying untested products.

Very often, customers tempted by lower prices of such beds decide to buy them, but they are unaware of the problems associated with such a purchase. Such products are not made of valuable, durable, proven materials, therefore they are not of appropriate quality and do not meet our durability criteria. These upholstered beds are not covered by our quality guarantee.

Due to this situation, we have introduced stickers on each upholstered bed of our production. They are intended to confirm the brand of the product, and guarantee a confident purchase, covered by our quality guarantees. We recommend to all customers only products bearing our company quality mark.

It should be remembered that the purchase of a solid and comfortable bed is a purchase for many years, on which our health and quality of sleep depends. Counterfeit products are not much cheaper than our products, but their durability, quality and details are far from our designs! Below is some information that shows the difference between our original upholstered beds and counterfeits.

  • Worse outer material - eco leather is not on a PU cotton base, but PVC on an oilcloth.
  • The quilting should be deep, and the upholstery sponge should be dense and heavy. Counterfeit models have a peak depth difference of up to 2 cm.
  • The supporting structures should be based on solid beech wood, blockboard or MDF, and not on chipboard, thin plywood or corrugated board and ordinary soft pine or spruce wood susceptible to dents and scratches.
  • Our wooden surfaces are watered, sanded so that there is no discoloration, twice covered with water stain (used German Polyurethane varnishes with a hardener or natural oils, painting with the Air less Wagner technique, which guarantees emphasizing the grain of the wood and obtaining beautiful varnish surfaces). Counterfeit products have discolorations, resin stains and a thin layer of varnish applied with an ordinary gun.
  • Decorative elements, e.g. chamfering, should have a deep hand finish and not a machined finish as in the case of counterfeit models.
  • Uneven stitches and stitching, often too many wrinkles on the surface of the furniture.
  • Our bed interior consists of slats and frames on solid beech legs 3 pcs or 4 metal frames densely spaced bent beech slats resin-coated at intervals of 3 cm counterfeit are characterized by shaky structures lifted from a thin profile, slats at large intervals and plastic handles that break, which causes collapse mattress.
  • Fittings, sleeves, threads should be branded, preferably SISO from Denmark, made of good materials, not thin, cracking light metal alloys.
  • We provide transport and assembly of our beds throughout Poland by our qualified drivers and assemblers, which guarantees safety in transport, other companies often use the services of forwarding companies, and beds and mattresses are a specific, oversized product that does not fit on pallets, but often protruding from the pallets nails can pierce the cardboard, damaging the piece of furniture, and mattresses packed in foil are often worn and dirty and are delivered to the customer. Our services are focused on the best quality of the product and the way it is delivered to the customer.

One could multiply examples of differences between the original beds from our production and the counterfeit ones. The quality of our products is confirmed by positive opinions of our customers and our over 25 years of experience, which allows us to guarantee you the highest quality of sleep for many years.

It should be remembered that the apparent saving of a small amount may result in a new expense in a year or two, and yet a good and solid bed should provide sleeping comfort for many years of use!